Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lover! - No Dreams Please EP

Memphis son now Chicago resident Rich Crook (The Reatards, Lost Sounds, The Knaughty Knights) has a new 6 song EP with distinctly different sound from his previous record, the hard rocking, power pop’n Gathered in a Graveyard.

No Dreams Please continues in the direction Crook carved out last year with a plethora of single releases; a little less punk, a little more glamy, 1970’s style pop rock. You can really hear it in particular on the final track of the EP, Downstairs to Hell, with its cheesy Jethro Tull flute and it’s crescendoing, Zep-odramic guitar wank off, it’s hard not to air guitar along with.

If you are looking to hear the Reatards you best to steer clear of this one; everyone else should defiantly check it out. (Big Legal Mess Records, 2009)

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