Saturday, January 9, 2010

Drone on you crazy diamond

Drone Punk. It’s what punk would sound like if rockers took something that mellowed them out a bit, like when Bugs Bunny was being chased by a mad scientist, both high on ether.

Floridian Eric Lopez (aka Teepee) has been doing some pioneering work in this field for the last few years as a side project to his other gig, guitarist for the Electric Bunnies. As Teepee he has released several tapes on the Jerkwave and Night People label as well as some stuff on vinyl, all of which are worth checking out.

Teepee’s newest record is the final release in Hozac’s 2009 Singles Hookup Club and in this small controlled dose, it’s quite medicinal. Maybe it’s the ether talking or maybe it’s the repeating, hypnotizing, trance inducing guitar riffs, mesmerizing and breaking down all will to resist and notions of self, but I think the kid is on to something here.

Exist – 7”
(Hozac, 2009)

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Mark E. Rich said...

Definitely into this guy. Amazing range of styles--from sombre acoutics numbers to, well, drone punk. The new LP (released on his own Senzei label) is awesome and worth every penny. Stoked to get the final piece of that Hozac Singles club!